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Hello Hollywood Families and Friends!!! Iā€™m so excited to announce that Saluda School District has started a new Guidance program that will benefit students Pre-K through 12th grade. I hope your student came home saying they are a Golden Gate Kid and we will ROCK Kindness at school and in our community this year.
Who Are We: Golden Gate Kids is a pro-social program that empowers students to connect with peers ad school through pro-social behaviors such as kindness, inclusion, positivity, and outreach. Our hands on approach instructs students in the various attitudes, perspectives, and soft skills needed to help strengthen interpersonal relationships.
Why the Name Golden Gate? The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic symbol of connection as it was built to connect an isolated community.
Connection: Connection is crucial to mental health. Students who feel more connected to peers, teachers, staff and administrators are less likely to struggle with bullying, social obstacles, and isolation.
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Call Brandi Black if your child needs assistance.
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