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Health Room

Healthy Children Learn Better
Health room offers basic first aid, medication administration, hearing, vision and dental screening.
School Nurse

Neysa Quattlebaum


Contact: 445-8333
Fax: 445-3518
Helpful Information

In the event of an accident, students will receive first aid for minor injuries. Every effort will be made to encourage students to remain at school when they complain of minor pains and discomforts. Parents must pick up their child if he/she is found to have a fever, becomes nauseated, or has other more serious illnesses or injuries. If a student has a condition that can be spread to others through contact, the parent will be notified. The child must be taken home. Rashes should be seen by a doctor and medication should be applied. The school must have evidence that the child is being treated. The child may return to school with a recommendation from a doctor or documentation from a pharmacist verifying the purchase of over-the-counter medicine.


The health room should be used only if a student is too ill to attend class. Internal medicines cannot be administered without written parental consent. All medication must be in the original packaging in order to be given to students.

When a student is too ill to attend classes, arrangements will be made through the office for the child to leave for home. The school cannot furnish transportation. It is very important to furnish the school with alternate numbers in case we cannot reach you.


State law requires all students to have adequate immunization, health(eye,ear,dental,) examination and birth certificates. Beginning with the 1997-1998 school year, all children born after January 1,1992 are required to have proof of the hepatitis b vaccination. Health and immunization records may be obtained at the Saluda County Health Department. Immunizations must be current for students to attend school.


Any child found with lice, nits or ringworms will be sent home immediately.Students MUST be properly treated before returning to school. The student MUSTbe lice and nit FREEbefore returning to school. The school nurse or office staff must check the student before he/she can return to the classroom. The school must have evidence  that the child has been treated(recommendation from a doctor, or proof of purchase of lice treatment).


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